How we built the World's first WooCommerce Connector for Brightpearl

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin and 2nd most popular platform used by retailers worldwide*.  Designed for the start-up or SME, WooCommerce is the ideal match for Brightpearl’s ERP which has been developed to accelerate growth for the smaller retailer.

At Netmatter we could see the opportunities that Brightpearl offered retailers but felt that this should be shared with users on WooCommerce.

The Foundations

Designed for the small to medium enterprise, WooCommerce is a free plug-in for WordPress which enables smaller retailers to build a professional ecommerce store. Feature rich and integrated seamlessly into a self-hosted WordPress site, WooCommerce offers a host of plugins and themes to enable retailers to build a complete store.

Brightpearl offers built-in integrations with Magento, Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop and Shopify but as of yet, no integration for WooCommerce.

At Netmatter we identified that there was a need for a WooCommerce integration with Brightpearl that enabled start-ups and smaller retailers to expand their retail into a multichannel business.Our aim was to extend the functionality of WooCommerce by enabling users to synchronise their online retail with Brightpearl. Once set up this would allow them to manage inventory, prices, customers and orders via Brightpearl and their website as one system.

building connection

Building the connection

If you’re a WooCommerce retailer looking to expand your ecommerce business with an integrated ERP system, you will find that your choices are limited or very expensive. The problem with this is that without an ERP system you may struggle to grow efficiently and get stuck in a rut. Never good.

By signing up for Brightpearl you will be joining thousands of other retailers who have enjoyed the benefits of their intuitive cloud based ERP system that features real time accounting built in.

 “So how can I integrate WooCommerce with Brightpearl?”

Our Sku2Sku WooCommere Connector for Brightpearl does exactly was it says on the tin. Mapping SKU to SKU, it  runs silently in the background synchronising inventory, customer data and orders with your WooCommerce store. This enables you to manage products, prices, orders and customers from one central location. Hoorah!

The standard WooCommerce plugin for WordPress features PayPal payment gateway integration along with configurable shipping rates and tax classes, sales reporting, discount and coupon campaigns. Our Sku2Sku connector fully supports this functionality enabling you to manage all aspects of your WooCommerce store from Brightpearl.  Watch the video below to it in action...

"Awesome! Sign me up!"

If you're a WooCommerce user looking to integrate with Brightpearl why not give our team a call today on 0845 467 1221 and they will happily talk you through the integration and how it will benefit your business.

Why us? Netmatter are a preferred and approved Brightpearl Integration Partner. We'll also go the whole 9 yards to ensure that you are correctly set up and integrated with Brightpearl to help your business row.  

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* – Ecommerce Usage Statistics

Video Transcript

Welcome. Here is a short video showing you how the Sku2Sku connector synchronises your WooCommerce store with Brightpearl. I will go through setting up a new product in Brightpearl, synchronising with WooCommerce and completing an order. 

The no.1 WooCommerce to Brightpearl integration on the market, our connector works in near real time to offer you fast and reliable inventory, price, order and customer data synchronisation. 

OK, let’s start in Brightpearl by creating a new product. I need to create a scooter, giving the product a name, category and SKU

Now I need to set some prices. The connector links Brightpearl price lists with WooCommerce price lists. Here I will be setting the retail price a £499 and the sale price at £399. 

To push the product to your WooCommerce store you will need to set the custom field in Brightpearl. The Sku2Sku connector supports multiple websites across multiple carts so that you can manage products and orders on a store by store basis. Here we are just sending this product to the WooCommerce website. 

OK, moving over to the WooCommerce admin. The Sku2Sku connector works in near real-time so has synchronised the new product we created in Brightpearl to your store. I am now going to give this item a description and some images before I publish it on the website. As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin this step is very simple. Once complete we are ready to publish this item to be live. 

You will now be able to see my scooter is live on the website. It’s that simple! 

You can see that the selling price is £399 and the retail price is £499 as was setup in Brightpearl. 
As you can see this item is showing out of stock, so we will head back to Brightpearl to add some inventory. 

It is easy to add some inventory to this item. I will add 20 into stock.

The near real time connection synchronises with your WooCommerce store. Now we can see that we are showing 20 on the website. 

Now that the listing is complete, let’s go ahead and buy this scooter.
Our Sku2Sku connector supports coupons and discounts from WooCommerce so we will show you how this works in the checkout. I will add a coupon that gives me 10% off this order and proceed to the checkout.
I have some generic addresses here that I will select. 
I will then pay for this order via PayPal. Just logging into PayPal and paying and we are done.

The order is complete, here are my order details. You can see that the scooter was £399, I have a flat rate £5 shipping charge, I have a 10% discount, I have paid via paypal and my order total is £363.60.

The Sku2Sku connector downloads orders to Brightpearl in near real-time. Looking at this order in Brightpearl you can see that it has been downloaded to the correct channel.
I have an order line for a scooter downloaded as a stock tracked item with the correct amount. 
I have a shipping line described as Flat rate set to the correct nominal code and the charge is £5.
I have a discount line showing the correct coupon code set to the correct nominal code showing the discount amount.
In the order notes you can see the payment information showing this order was paid via paypal with the transaction ID.

Order statuses are mapped between Brightpearl and Woocommerce using the connector.
Switching back to WooCommerce you can see that this successful order has a status of processing and this is mapped to a status of New Web Order in Brightpearl.
When processing the order I could set the order status to Pending in Brightpearl. This will update the order in WooCommerce to pending payment.
Now I will completely ship the order in Brightpearl and you will see that the order is updated to Completed in WooCommerce

That’s how easy it is to synchronise with Brightpearl using our Sku2Sku connector. Thank you for watching our WooCommerce demo. If you are interested in integrating your WooCommerce store with Brightpearl get in touch with our team today. Go to our website for more information or give us a call on 0845 467 1221.

Mike Greaves

Mike Greaves

Co-Founder at Netmatter

Mike Co-Founded Netmatter and has over 15 years of experience in IT, Ecommerce, PPC and organic search marketing. Netmatter deliver smart ecommerce solutions and digital strategies for ambitious multichannel businesses.

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