Online Buyer Behaviour [infographic]

We have all spent time marketing a product we think will fly of the shelves, but how much research have you actually done into consumer behaviour? Going in blind works maybe 10% of the time,  but if you want to make the journey to success as pain-free and smooth as possible, you'll want to catch up on the latest research and data. 

We first discovered this data on Hubspot and thought we would turn it into a great infographic. Below you will find over 8 facts on buyer behaviour that should help you to make more informed and successful decisions. To view the original research just go to the Hubspot blog and click through each lessons. Now, let's get started.  

Catherine Durham

Catherine Durham

Marketing Director (Dip DigM)

Catherine Durham has a masters in Digital Marketing and a wealth of experience in optimisation and strategy development for ecommerce retailers. Her specialisms include SEO, paid search, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

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