Web Development and URL Migration, sE Electronics Case Study

Founded in 2000, sE Electronics sE Electronics is today the UK's leading studio microphone brand - all sE products are manufactured completely in-house following company policy that they are 100% committed to hand-crafted quality via their own highly skilled engineers. By comparison, the vast majority of other microphone brands on the market today still use OEM production throughout elements of the manufacturing process - sE Electronics quite simply don't... and won't! 

The Brief 

Manufacturing and developing websites for search is something they don't do however, and after struggling to complete their new website development with another provider they eventually approached Netmatter for expert assistance and guidance. Our eCommerce and internet marketing experience in the musical equipment and pro audio sector is second to none so understandably we were very excited about the project.

Initial analysis of the work in progress highlighted that ‘Project Creep’ had set firmly in and that many of the core business objectives online had been either misrepresented or misunderstood in the development.  

Imminent product launches also dictated a tight launch deadline that had to incorporate a not only a URL migration but a back link profile a decade wide. It was paramount to refocus the scope quickly and get the project back on track with key priorities and an outcome focused plan. 

What we did 

After acquiring the development source code it was apparent that much of the core was in need of redevelopment in order to produce a search engine friendly site architecture and workflow that could be thoroughly crawled, indexed and ultimately considered relevant in search results.

  • Keyword-rich URLs were introduced and we consulted closely with the business on product and URL naming structures for greater usability and enhanced click-through growth from the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)
  • XHTML/CSS Markup was rewritten and streamlined to be cross browser and search engine spider friendly 
  • Canonical rules were implemented throughout to protect against duplicate content issues in search
  • We collaborated with marketing on new Title and Meta Description Tags tailored to organic search and business marketing strategies
  • The ‘Latest News’ feature was redeveloped to be a true date hierarchy for both users and also Google News
  • A new product registration system was developed enabling the business to manage product warranties via the CMS 
  • XML sitemaps and RSS feeds were introduced for search integration 
  • Video content management was developed with Vimeo and YouTube integration
  • Integrated social media sharing was introduced throughout 
  • A URL migration strategy was written mapping the existing URLs and decadent back links to the new keyword-rich URL structure
  • Wrote a system to capture and manage all unforeseen 404 URLs as and when they occurred post launch
  • Consulted on the final migration and launch strategy

Results Matter

  • Total URL migration in search within 7 days
  • High ranking keyword results within 14 days
  • 110% visitor growth
  • 170% more keywords driving traffic
  • 300% pages viewed per visit
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Mike Greaves

Mike Greaves

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Mike Co-Founded Netmatter and has over 15 years of experience in IT, Ecommerce, PPC and organic search marketing. Netmatter deliver smart ecommerce solutions and digital strategies for ambitious multichannel businesses.

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