Why Is Responsive Design Best For Ecommerce?

Responsive web design is the latest buzz word in ecommerce. Entering the realm of standard practice, there has been a fundamental shift towards responsive design which means that an increasingly large number of online retailers have made the switch.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

The best place to start is from the beginning. Ethan Marcotte, the web developer who coined the phrase 'responsive web design', has stated that there are three key principles

  • Fluid grids
  • Flexible media
  • Media queries

Amanda Macleod

Simply put, responsive design is a way of creating a website that automatically adapts to the device on which it is being viewed. In fact, this blog you are reading is actually a responsive design! Open this in full view on your desktop browser and then slowly make the browser thinner to replicate a mobile or tablet; watch what happens. As you can see, responsive web design means that the layout will adjust to all devices; no matter their size.

Unlike mobile optimised, responsive design works on one single URL and one set of code. This means that the browser doesn't need to switch to the mobile site, but instead adjusts the layout and design.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design?

At the end of 2013, 30% of web traffic came from mobile devices. Continuing to rise, it is no longer enough from ecommerce retailers to offer only a desktop solution. As smartphone and tablets become common place, so will mobile-friendly responsive websites. If you still need convincing, here are 3 great reasons why responsive design is the best option for your ecommerce website.

  1. Recommended by Google - If you are looking to improve rankings and SEO, responsive design is the best move. Recommended by Google (who has 67% of the market share), responsive web design means that all content goes live on one website, with one URL. This makes it easier to share, link, interact with and most importantly, Google will only need to crawl and index one site. Plus, as Google has now been seen to favour user experience since the Hummingbird update, you are more likely to rank with a responsive site.
  2. One Website - It is impossible to predict what device a user will use to view your site. However, as a responsive website is built with one set of code on one site, you can create a consistent user experience for all. This is one of the most important characteristics of responsive as it allows all searchers, on all devices, to access your site. This is not all; a responsive design adapts to the device size which means that all the media and elements on you site will also. Shopping carts, payment buttons, search bars and content all adapt to create an engaging and positive user experience.
  3. Simple Site Management - A separate desktop and mobile optimised site will require two separate SEO campaigns and on site maintenance. With responsive design there is only one site to manage and one set of content to alter. This means that whatever you change will appear across all devices, in a consistent and positive way.

The Best Responsive Websites

Responsive design has the potential to amaze users whilst rapidly increasing growth and profits if executed correctly. At Netmatter we have worked hard to develop sites that master all aspects of responsive, ensuring it is great for SEO, provides an excellent user experience and most of all; looks great! Working from the mobile up instead of desktop down, we ensure that our responsive sites works on the smallest device just as well as they would on a desktop. Take a look at some of our current projects and some of the best sites we wish we had designed.


Kover-it Responsive Web Design

Working on the brand identity and overall design, our team worked first to create a site that was responsive and then on the design and aesthetics. This method ensures the functionality of the site in 100% accurate for the design to be added later.


Firebox Responsive Web Design

Not one of ours, but we reckon this is one of the best responsive websites on the market. Featuring Instagram style images, it has been designed to look similar to social sites such as Pinterest. A feast for the eyes, this site encourages the user to click through and explore as well as buy.

Call us today to transform your website into a responsive design. 0845 467 1221.

Catherine Durham

Catherine Durham

Marketing Director (Dip DigM)

Catherine Durham has a masters in Digital Marketing and a wealth of experience in optimisation and strategy development for ecommerce retailers. Her specialisms include SEO, paid search, email marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

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