Ecommerce integration is essential in order to realise the full value of ecommerce, yet still one of the most difficult challenges start up and growing retailers face. The ever evolving need to connect applications, automate business workflows and synchronise data couldn’t be higher.

  • 15000 SaaS providers worldwide, expected to grow 50% in 2016
  • Each have their own API and unique language
  • Yet, connecting API’s remains a point to point development process

Traditional approaches to integration are also inadequate when you have multiple integrations that need to talk to each other. Moving and synchronising data efficiently between multiple sites/systems actually requires a hub that beats as the heart of your integration.


At Netmatter we developed Mothercloud, an any point Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), to solve the problem of costly point to point integrations.

  • Mothercloud utilises a single language that understands the language of each connected API
  • Data can now be streamed between multiple systems, beyond the point to point use case
  • Leads to faster integration setup times and lower cost of ownership

By subscribing to our network of integrated ecommerce apps, businesses can access ready-made integrations from ERP systems, to shopping cart software, point of sale software, accounting platforms, carrier providers, CRM and more. Simply subscribe once, connect, map and automate ecommerce workflows between multiple systems in real time with ease.


Providing back office automation, multi-channel management, sales order processing, inventory, stock control, reporting and analytics, Volo is a comprehensive ERP system for ambitious retailers. 

Volo Partners, we offer near-real time integrations with Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify and many more.


At Netmatter we're certified Brightpearl Partners and experienced Brightpearl API Developers with a wealth of experience in ERP and Ecommerce systems. We'll support your implementation every step of the way to ensure a smooth go live.

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