Brindisa Spanish Foods, PPC Management

Founded in 1998, London based Brindisa is known worldwide for their chorizo and Spanish foods. With three retail shops, five restaurants across the city and an online shop, Brindisa is firmly established as one of the UKs Spanish food champions.

The strategy

Operating in a niche but competitive market, Brindisa wanted to improve ROI from Google and Bing Ads with the view to grow market share. Historically ads had been managed from accounts that they did not own and so the first task was to bring everything in house so they could take back control. Setting up from scratch, we only had historical Analytics data to benchmark against.

Hitting the ground running, we kicked off shopping and search campaigns to ensure we were generating revenue and ROI immediately. Once up and running we worked to reduce CPAs and cost whilst increasing revenue and ROI. Fixed budgets meant that we had to keep tight control of campaigns to prevent wasted and negative spend.

At the end of month one we were already achieving positive growth on the previous year. Cost per acquisition was down to £8.33 from £20.46 in 2018. Revenue was up 38% YoY and ROI had increased from 344.50% to 599.36%. Month two saw continued optimisation and growth from the campaigns, achieving a 108% increase on ROI YoY.


  • 733.88% ROI, up from 351.22%
  • 53.06% increase in revenue
  • Reduced spend by 26.75%
  • Reduced CPA by 61.68% down to £6.42
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