Chapeau, Magento Website Maintenance

Chapeau is a leading cycling apparel designer & retailer. They approached Netmatter for help with Magento development & website maintenance having struggled internally to update their websites.

Project overview

Managing a Magento ecommerce store alongside day-to-day business tasks, Chapeau was finding it difficult to stay on top of general website maintenance and struggling to introduce new features.

The business needed help with tasks such as installing security patches and Magento upgrades; many of which their internal teams did not have the skills sets to achieve. With our website maintenance plan however, Chapeau was able access experts in all the digital disciplines with speed and efficiency.

Chapeau was also using Mothercloud, our home-grown iPaaS integration product that synchronises their ecommerce stores and ERP system in real-time. This meant we were also able to introduce custom development & functionality into their integration using website maintenance hours. 


Services provided

  • Magento core upgrades
  • Security patches
  • Server optimisation
  • Checkout customisations
  • Bespoke Deliveroo integration development
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