David Shuttle, SEO (Organic Search)

David Shuttle is a family-run retailer specialising in gifts, jewellery, fine dining and home accessories. With a store in the heart of Beaconsfield, they came to us after experiencing a drop in organic visibility which resulted in a decrease in YoY revenue performance.

SEO recovery

David Shuttle’s organic was on a downward trend and no longer returning the same levels of revenue as previously achieved. They approached us to stabilise the domain and grow revenue along with organic sessions YoY.

Following an in-depth technical audit of the website, we identified a priority list and areas where we believe we could achieve quick wins. Targeting the category structure, we identified hundreds of redundant and duplicate URLs that were negatively impacting search and user experience.

Optimising the existing category structure in line with keyword research to ensure breadth of coverage and prevent cannibalisation, we reviewed and updated everything from URL keys and category titles to title tags and on-page content. We continued to review the internal linking strategy and benchmark the website against Google’s ranking factors - identifying new opportunities as we worked.

By month 3 the changes have kicked in ad we started to see YoY revenue and session growth, achieving uplift on 2-year-old figures which were set as benchmarks. By month 6, we had achieved a 123% uplift in organic revenue YoY. Over a 6 month period, we achieved an average 53% uplift on organic revenue on the previous year.


  • 123% increase in revenue YoY
  • 53% average increase in revenue
  • 700% ROI on revenue increase
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