Ingleton Partners, PPC Management

Ingleton Partners is a boutique UK and US tax practice established in 2009. Founded on the belief that they could offer clients a more personal and proactive service than a big practice, Ingleton Partners deliver on a key range of competencies within ex-pat tax.

PPC Restructure

Serving the UK, US and Middle East, Ingleton Partners had hundreds of ad groups targeting the different territories. Over the years they had also added thousands of keywords in a range of match types across the campaigns. Whilst on the surface of the account it was well structured, underneath there was a lot of duplication, cannibalisation and wasted spend.

An initial audit was completed on the entire account, ranking campaigns by performance. From non-starters through to big spenders, we manually reviewed each campaign and its respective components to remove underperforming keywords, remodel ads and ensure everything was optimised following best practice techniques.

Ad copy was continually reviewed along with bids and bidding strategies in order to maximise return on ad spend. Keywords and negatives were reviewed daily to capture long-tail keywords dominate the bottom of the funnel.


  • 31% increase in conversion rate YoY
  • 57% increase in conversions YoY
  • 15% decrease in cost YoY