Land Rover Explore in partnership with Bullitt, Magento Cloud Commerce

Known for their premium all-wheel-drive vehicles, Bullitt Group brought Land Rover’s passion for seeking adventure anywhere and everywhere to smartphones with Land Rover Explore: The Outdoor Phone.

Project overview

Unveiled in February 2018, the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone was the latest collaboration between Bullitt Group and brand partner; Land Rover. Bullitt approached Netmatter to develop a Magento Commerce and WordPress solution to enable the launch and sale of the new device just a few months later.

Under strict time pressures, we were tasked with developing a multi-store, multi-currency Magento Commerce Cloud solution that supported over 20 languages. All content would need to be managed from WordPress; Land Rover's marketing teams' platform of choice, with Magento delivering the ecommerce functionality. Working closely with Bullitt throughout, Netmatter developed a custom solution.

Magento 2 and WordPress were completely decoupled and only integrated through custom server side configurations and API development that essentially made them look, feel and perform as though they were one website. The two 'websites' share a single global header and footer driven by WordPress while the mini shopping basket in the header is provided stand-alone by custom development against Magento's API. Sessions and cookies are also shared as one under the single domain to ensure user experience while browsing.


Our work

  • Mobile responsive design and build
  • Multi-store setup for international ecommerce
  • Custom WordPress integration
  • AMP setup & development
  • Google Tag Manager implementation with full analytics
  • Salesforce integration


  • 20 B2C websites
  • 22 languages
Landrover Explore Outdoor Phone Mobile Landrover Explore Outdoor Phone Landrover Explore Outdoor Phone Landrover Explore Outdoor Phone