SkinSpirit, SEO and PPC Management

SkinSpirit is as a destination cosmetic clinic and skincare retailer based in Guildford. Launched in July 2019, SkinSpirit set out to deliver the very best cosmetic treatments and skincare to clients across the UK.

The Strategy

Launching in a supercompetitive market, SkinSpirit set high targets for their first year of trading. Already working with Netmatter on their initial website build, SkinSpirit challenged us to help them build their brand awareness and engagement through ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns. The target was to give traffic and bookings a major boost as well as accelerate product sales online through content and outreach.

PPC Management

Treatment pages were reworked to provide visitors with engaging video and valuable information on the treatments and aftercare. Ad campaigns were then created to target skin conditions and individual treatments for maximum impact.

Google Shopping and skincare brand ads were also launched to increase product sales online. Introducing Smart Campaigns in tandem with TROAS targeted shopping campaigns, we were able to drive down CPA and maximise return.

Organic Search

Entering into a challenging market, SkinSpirit sought to serve customers with high-end skincare from leading brands. Working on brand showcase pages first, we sought to increase visibility for SkinSpirit in search. The treatment page content was also reviewed in line with keyword research to ensure we were targeting terms throughout the funnel.

Turning our attention to the shop categories, we also optimised the category structure and content to improve visibility for short-tail keywords such as cleansers and skincare. Work continues to improve and grow their organic footprint across the board.


  • 25% increase in revenue MoM
  • 51% average increase in revenue over 6 months
  • 468% ROI from Google Shopping
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