VeloBrands, Magento Website Maintenance

VeloBrands is an importer and distributor of top quality cycling brands to the UK bicycle trade. With a number of leading brands under their belt, VeloBrands needed technical assistance with key website developments to improve performance.

Project overview

Running two B2B & B2C Magento ecommerce stores, VeloBrands required technical assistance with the implementation of security patches, extensions, upgrades and general ad-hoc development tasks.

Like most online retailers, the business did not have the internal resources or know-how to be able to proactively make updates and changes to their ecommerce set-up. Covering any digital discipline with speed and efficiency, our website maintenance service provided VeloBrands with on-demand access to the resources needed to implement change.

Velobrands is also using Mothercloud, our home-grown iPaaS integration product that synchronises their ecommerce stores and ERP system in real-time. This meant we were also able to introduce custom development & functionality into their integration using website maintenance hours. 


Services provided

  • Magento core upgrades
  • Security patches
  • Server optimisation
  • Checkout customisations
  • Bespoke Deliveroo integration development
VeloBrands Website Responsive VeloBrands Website Responsive VeloBrands Website ResponsiveVeloBrands Website Responsive