Multistore Magento to Brightpearl Sales Channels

Brightpearl sales channels are a way of seeing exactly where online and offline sales orders are coming from. The integration connects individual Brightpearl sales channels to individual Magento stores to provide you with profit and loss reporting by Magento store within Brightpearl accounts.



Brightpearl is the product master, central inventory and order management system and Brightpearl products are connected to Magento products by their SKU. There is also no need to create a product in both systems in order to connect them.

The integration uses Brightpearl's product custom fields to provide you with individual control over which products are immediately published and unpublished on individual Magento stores.

When you select a product to be published on a Magento store for the first time, the integration instantly creates a simple product in Magento for you, including its short and long descriptions, tiered pricing and on-hand inventory quantity. The connector also links the product by the SKU thereafter.




Brightpearl inventory is synchronised with Magento in real-time. As inventory levels in Brightpearl increase or decrease due to purchases and sales from other channels, such as eBay and Amazon, your available inventory in Magento will be instantly updated to prevent over-selling.


Brightpearl to Magento

Initial setup of the integration synchronises inventory between Brightpearl and Magento for you.

New sales orders placed in Brightpearl will be allocated available inventory, therefore reducing the on-hand quantities. Subsequently this will immediately update stock availability in Magento and any other connected sales channels. The integration also supports bulk updates made to inventory in Brightpearl.

Magento to Brightpearl

Even though Magento is set to manage stock as well as Brightpearl, on-hand inventory quantities will always be synchronised and overwritten in Magento with the available quantity in Brightpearl.

Prices & Price Lists

The Magento ecommerce connector supports the mapping of Brightpearl price lists to the standard and special price lists in Magento on a per store basis. For example, if you have 2 Magento store views you could have at least 4 price lists setup in Brightpearl as below:

Magento Store 1 (standard price), Magento Store 1 (special price), Magento Store 2 (standard price), Magento Store 2 (special price)

The integration also supports tiered pricing, simply setup your pricing tiers in Magento and use the Brightpearl standard price list to manage your tiered pricing. One of the most useful features is mapping a price list to a customer group. Let’s say you have a customer group called VIP in Magento. You can map a Brightperarl price list to this VIP group so that when those VIP customers login to Magento they will see their specific prices, all managed from a Brightpearl price list.


Customers & Orders

Customers are only created in Brightpearl by Magento when an order is downloaded. Orders placed online by existing Brightpearl customers will be created using the correct customer record in Brightpearl by matching on their email address. Orders placed by new customers will create a new contact in Brightpearl along with their details including billing and shipping addresses


Magento to Brightpearl

Magento customers can choose to checkout as a guest or by creating an online account. Either way, orders are immediately created in Brightpearl and allocated inventory. The new on-hand quantity is then synchronised back to Magento, reducing the risk of over-selling.

Products in the order are connected by SKU and allocated inventory if available. When a SKU is not connected with Brightpearl it is assigned to the order as a non-stock tracked line item. Additional line items are created for shipping methods and any coupons used in the order.

Brightpearl to Magento

Brightpearl sales order statuses are mapped to order statuses in Magento. When the order status is changed in Brightpearl the order status in Magento is updated in real time.

Discounts & Coupons

The connector supports Magento discounts and coupons by creating them as individual order lines in Brightpearl. Multiple discount orders lines are created when products with varying tax codes are purchased. In this instance, discount order lines are assigned to the correct tax code. Rounding issues are also managed automatically on order creation.



Magento payment methods can be connected to your chosen nominal codes in Brightpearl for accounting analysis. When an order is placed and the payment captured in Magento, the order is immediately created in Brightpearl and marked as paid to create the accounting record. The integration also supports Auth & Capture payments for Magento sales channels. Orders placed and set to 'authorise only' in Magento will be instantly created in Brightpearl and mapped to the Pending payment status in Brightpearl. Once payment is captured and marked as paid in Magento, the order will be instantly updated to the paid order status in Brightpearl and create an accounting record.



The integration supports global tax rules set in Magento and intelligently maps them to the correct tax codes in Brightpearl.


Magento to Brightpearl

When an order is placed in Magento, VAT is applied according to configured tax rules. Orders received in Brightpearl are created with Magento order price and tax values to ensure accurate correlation between the Magento order and Brightpearl.

Brightpearl to Magento

Products in the order are synchronised to individual line items in Brightpearl and automatically assigned the correct tax code. This enables multiple tax rules to be applied to a single order for the creation of accurate VAT and Tax returns.

When a discount is applied to an order, additional line items are created to ensure the correct tax code is applied to individual items.


Magento shipping methods can be mapped to Brightpearl shipping methods if preferred. When shipping methods are not mapped, order lines are created in Brightpearl using the Magento shipping method name. Shipping all or part of an order in Brightpearl creates a shipment entry against the order in Magento for customers to see what has been shipped along with tracking details in their online account.


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