Our WooCommerce connector for Brightpearl will synchronise inventory, customer data and orders in real time. Integrating into your website, this connector ends the need to manage the two systems

Ecommerce Connector for

  • Real time synchronisation of inventory, prices and orders
  • Supports WooCommerce variants and coupons
  • List and de-list Brightpearl SKUs to your WooCommerce store
  • Supports multiple WooCommerce stores to a single Brightpearl account

Advanced WooCommerce integration for Brightpearl

If you're a WooCommerce user looking to use Brightpearl, or vice versa you're more than likely to be looking for a way to integrate the two systems so that you can automate and synchronise data. Approved by Brightpearl, our WooCommerce connector is the market leading integration for the cloud-based ERP system.

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Products, Prices and Inventory

Our WooCommerce connector for Brightpearl supports advanced product management through custom fields in Brightpearl. Advanced product management enables you to have multiple WooCommerce websites connected to a single Brightpearl account and to decide on a per product basis which products are pushed to which WooCommerce website from the Brightpearl admin.


Our integration turns Brightpearl into the product master meaning that when a product is created it is immediately added as a draft in your WooCommerce store. Price updates and on-hand inventory levels in Brightpearl are then synchronised in real time with WooCommerce.

Orders and Shipping

Orders placed in WooCommerce are automatically transferred into Brightpearl. As the order is processed in Brightpearl, status changes are reflected in WooCommerce to enable customers to track the progress of their order online. Orders are marked as complete in WooCommerce once the order is shipped from Brightpearl.

Shipping methods chosen in the cart are added as a separate order line in Brightpearl and can be mapped to specific nominal code if required.

WooCommerce Brightpearl Order

Payments and Invoices

Paid orders in WooCommerce are downloaded into Brightpearl, marked as paid and a sales receipt is journaled into accounting.  Payment gateway notes are also included as order notes in Brightpearl.

Brightpearl Order Payment Note

WooCommerce coupons are also fully supported. When a coupon is used in WooCommerce it is reflected in Brightpearl as a separate order line showing the coupon name and discount amount correctly.


Customers and Communications

Orders from existing customers with matching email addresses will be created against the Brightpearl contact. Orders placed by new customers will be created and the customer details captured will be used to create a new Brightpearl contact.


Frequently asked questions

What is an endpoint?
An endpoint is an external application connected as part of your integration. For example, Brightpearl connected to WooCommerce would be 2 endpoints while Brightpearl connected to 2 WooCommerce websites would be 3 endpoints.
What is a workflow?
Workflows are ecommerce processes that you wish to automate between integrated endpoints. An example workflow would be creating customer and sales records in your ERP software when orders are placed online via your website.
Is my data secure?
Yes, data transferred between your endpoints is conducted over a secure connection encrypted using the same levels of security that online banks do.
How does support work?
Customers on our Basic and Standard Plans have access to email support during UK GMT business hours. Both the Professional and Enterprise plans include telephone support during UK GMT business hours.

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