Netmatter, Rackspace hosting partners.

Working together with Rackspace to provide the very best hosting solution for your business. Delivering high-security, world-class global infrastructure wherever and however you want it, we wouldn't recommend anything else for hosting your ecommerce store. 

Built to meet your specific needs, we work closely with Rackspace's technical team to get the optimal compute solution. 

Why Rackspace?

Market leaders, Rackspace is the largest managed cloud provider, offering expertise across the world's leading cloud including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Cloud/Azure and Openstack Cloud. No other hosting provider boasts 100% network uptime and delivers the following expertise at the end of the telephone for us whenever we need it:

  • 165+ Cisco certifications, including 122 CCNAs and 44 CCNPs
  • 200+ Microsoft certifications, including MCITPs, MCSAs, MCSEs, and MCTSs
  • 160+ Red Hat certifications, including RHCEs, RHCSAs, and RHCAs
  • 131+ VMware certifications, including 60+ VCPs, VCAPs, VTSPs, and VCAs


AWS Partners, Rackspace offer managed public, private and hybrid cloud hosting which is flexible, scalable and easy to deploy.

Dedicated Hosting

A tailored solution backed up by a 100% network uptime guarantee, their dedicated servers is a fully-managed service with firewall, backups and monitoring.

Availability & Uptime

Each of Rackspace's servers are designed for high performance, resilience and scale; all secured behind firewalls for the highest levels of security.

24/7 Support

A trusted service partner, Rackspace offer 24/7 support 365 days of the year to help solve even the toughest of problems.   

rackspace server options


Magento performance and scale begins in the core foundations. In support of that fundamental need we only run dedicated servers built to our own high standards with very specific Magento configurations. It is for these reasons that we partner with Rackspace, the world's service leader in web hosting.

  • £199 per month*
  • Shared Hosting (physical server)
  • Dual Xeon Hex Core Processors (24 Cores Hyper Threading)
  • 64GB RAM
  • 4 x 15k SAS drives RAID 10 
  • 300GB Monthly Bandwidth per domain**
  • Weekly full / daily incremental back-ups
  • £545 per month*
  • NET-01 Dedicated Server
  • 4 Cores / 12GB RAM
  • 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth**
  • Weekly full / daily incremental back-ups
  • £595 per month*
  • NET-02 Dedicated Server
  • 6 Cores / 24GB RAM
  • 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth**
  • Weekly full / daily incremental back-ups
  • £995 per month*
  • NET-03 Dedicated Server
  • 12 Cores / 48GB RAM
  • 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth**
  • Weekly full / daily incremental back-ups

*Save 10% by paying annually in advance
**Monthly bandwidth subject to fair usage. T&Cs apply.

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