Alongside running your business, managing your website is a full time, challenging job; this comes with staffing overheads, team management and skill alignment.

Alternatively, it's more cost effective to hire us as your web team, as we can cover any development discipline with speed and efficiency. In short, our website maintenance plans provide you with access to a team that, combined, have over 30 years experience across all aspects of web design, development and ecommerce. Effectively, by signing up to the service, we become and an extension of your ecommerce business. 

  • All plans cover multiple websites in your business; simple and flexible
  • Use your hours to complete anything from banner design to content creation and new website features
  • Dedicated service with fast turnaround times
  • Rollover any unused hours into the following month*
  • Cheaper than employing a member of staff, or ad hoc agency support
  • Spend more time on your business, while we manage your website/s

*Unused hours cannot be rolled over for longer than 3 months.

Peace of mind

  • All work is quickly scoped and agreed before carrying out using our online support systems with time tracking
  • We maintain a parallel test version of your website where changes are approved first, before deploying to the live website
  • We keep an unlimited version history of changes made to your website's code using version control

How it works

We'll add you to our online project management system which means you'll have complete transparency from start to finish on all tasks in website maintenance.

Month containers are created with your available hours and a list of the tasks scheduled. We'll scope every task before any work is completed and let you know how many hours we'll need to use to complete it. Time is allocated in 15-minute blocks, with 15-minutes being the minimum allocation.

Once we agree on the time allocation, we'll schedule the task and assign it to the relevant team member. All updates are made to a demosite for review and sign-off by you.

project management

Approved tasks are then deployed to live and completed. Allocated time is then deducted from available hours and we'll move onto the next tasks.

With our website maintenance plans you benefit from:

  • Direct communication with team members
  • Live activity stream
  • Easily upload supporting materials
  • Proofing & approval

Transparent & Simple Pricing

Our website maintenance plans were created through our customer's need for affordable website support. Many already have existing ecommerce and brochure websites, developed by a 3rd party provider; our maintenance plans sit neatly alongside these.

All plans are managed via a collaborative online project management system, enabling us to efficiently work with you throughout the life cycle of a request.


  • Monthly hours - 8
  • Minimum term - 3 months
  • Max lead time - 5 days
  • Monthly - £640 


  • Monthly hours - 12
  • Minimum term - 6 months
  • Max lead time - 5 days
  • Monthly - £900


  • Monthly hours - 20
  • Minimum term - 12 months
  • Max lead time - 3 days
  • Monthly - £1400

Perfect for...

  • Day to day website changes
  • Banner adverts & page design
  • Email marketing design & HTML build
  • Updating / creating content
  • Feature enhancements
  • Extension / plugin installation
  • Bug fixes
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Technologies & Skills

Front and back end languages supported:

  • Mobile responsive frameworks
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • PHP / MySQL

Shopping carts, ERP and CMS systems supported: